Raül Colom
Director General

As a welcome to those who access our website, I will sum up in a few lines, where we come from and where we are headed in our company ARCOL.

The journey started in 1942, in my grandfather’s workshop in Barcelona, ​​producing rear-view mirrors for motorcycles and cars, lights, horns … and the mirror of the legendary Biscúter.

My father continued this task growing and evolving, not only the products, but also at national and international markets, and changing the location of the facilities to Sant Adrià del Besós and then to our current headquarters in La Roca del Vallés (Barcelona) .

Our generation that has succeeded the previous ones, without forgetting customer service with innovative and quality products, is linked to technology, research, development, innovation, industry 4.0, certifications, corporate social responsibility, creation of teams of collaborators inside and outside the company; to many challenges and opportunities that the future will bring us. For this reason, ARCOL‘s culture has been expanding and adapting to this environment.

As a result of this change, at ARCOL, we decided to create: R-COL, whose specific objective is innovation in the technological field applied to vision, not only from its development in R&D, but with investments in production systems and creation of new teams of collaborators, which allow ARCOL‘s experience in the automotive auxiliary sector to be integrated with technological innovations.

As a culmination of this new business culture, our motto as a Group was born:

Finally, I don’t want to end this brief tour through the evolution of our company, without thanking the trust of our clients and of course, that of all our internal and external collaborators, who have made and make this long business history possible.


Raül Colom
General Director

The place where our ideas are transformed into reality

Arcol has more than 3,000m2 of facilities dedicated to administration, production, logistics, testing laboratories, design and R&D. This allows us to monitor the development of our products, from their initial conception, to manufacturing and final production.

The complete control of this process, results in a final product of the highest quality. In addition, it allows us to manufacture exclusive and personalised products for the specific needs of our customers.

Certifications a job well done

The effort of doing things well is always rewarded by what is most important and satisfying: the recognition, the acceptance and the valuing of our products, by our clients.

If to this we add the award of Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2015 and Environment ISO 14001:2015, we can't do more than feel pride as we look back and see the path that has led us here.

But most important is the confirmation of being on the right line, looking to the future with our desire to improve intact.

Products manufactured by Arcol are subject to periodic evaluation by the UCA and UTAC bodies. The Certificates of Conformity of Production issued by these organisms allow us to maintain in force the approvals granted under EU Directives/Regulations and UN Regulations by the Approval Authority.


Committed to the environment

“To design, manufacture and distribute automotive accessories, leaders in quality and reliability, while respecting the environment”.

So begins the Quality and Environmental policy of Industrial Arcol. A document intended to raise awareness and motivate all employees by the collective management of quality and the environment.