Evolving technology

  • Compact design.
  • Vision system with high definition cameras heated to cover fields of vision. Cat. II and IV. Optional V and VI.
  • TFT Led type monitor with high contrast and anti-reflective treatment. 1900 x 720 pixels (HD). Auto dimming (automatic light adjustment according to external lighting).
  • Remotely upgradeable system.
  • Universal VESA bracket for easy mounting.
  • Hydrophobic (water-repellent) and anti-dust treated lens.
  • Flattened image without deformation. Real-time HD image.
  • Operates at DC 12/24 V.
  • Approved R46 – R10 – R118. IP 69K certified cameras.

By using cameras and monitors we cover all field of views according the ECE-R46 norm


Wider vision of the categories II y IV

Reduction of collisions and accidents

Greater security

Thanks to the design of the system:


  • Improves day and night vision
  • Reduces visual stress
  • The field of vision is wider
    and blind spots are reduced

Improved vision in all weather conditions

Thanks to the HD image taken by the camera, the monitor provides better visibility during the day, at night, in tunnels and in all weather conditions (low sun, rain, etc.).

In addition, HDR (High Dynamic Range) image processing allows us to see clearer images with areas of different brightness.

These features translate into less visual stress for the driver, which is very favorable for long journeys.

Total cost
of ownership optimization

Improved maneuverability and aerodynamics contribute to lower total cost of ownership:

Reduced maintenance costs
on spare parts



Thanks to the compact design of the system, it improves the maneuverability in all situations, especially in urban environments, and therefore reduces the risk of collisions.

Conventional rearview mirror

Minimization of
repair time



Reduced downtime and all the costs associated with its replacement (towing + replacement vehicle).

fuel consumption



Just like the vehicle body design, the dimensions of the camera also have an influence on the aerodynamic improvement. Thanks to the reduced dimensions of the , the aerodynamics are improved and therefore the fuel consumption is reduced.

Conventional rearview mirror

Camera Monitoring System by Arcol


The high-definition camera and monitor system that replaces mirrors ideal for:






The guarantee of greater security

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