After the first two months of the launch of our COVID-19 protective curtain, at Arcol we want to make the first assessment.

The response from our customers has been very positive and after these first 2 months have passed and due to our adaptability to our clients’ requirements, more than 3,000 units have been installed in different vehicles from 9 countries.

Thanks to our fast reaction and short delivery times, our product is being used to avoid transmission of the virus between driver and passengers, as well as avoiding transmission between passengers, installing the device between rows of seats and thus achieving maximum occupancy of the vehicle without endangering the health of users, which provides solutions to our customers in this difficult health situation.

Our goal is always to be able to offer products that adapt to the needs of our customers and that also includes our COVID curtains. For this reason, various modifications have been made in the last few weeks which expand the range of fixing possibilities, available length, material thickness and others.

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