Industrial Arcol celebrates 8 decades manufacturing automotive accessories.

During these years, three generations of the Colom family have promoted, accompanied and embraced the continuous change of the company. In 1942, we started the activity with the manufacture of mirrors, horns and oil pans in a small workshop in the neighborhood of El Clot in Barcelona. If we look back and analyze the evolution of the company, there is no doubt that human commitment is the main factor that has led us to success. The involvement of the Arcol team, which has increased over the years, has been key to being able to expand the product portfolio, achieve new challenges and reach various objectives.

Today, we are developing advanced technology and exporting our products worldwide. Operationally, we have invested in new facilities, machinery and production lines to internalize key manufacturing processes, such as electronic components, in order to offer a personalized and high quality service to our customers.



Our team promotes the technological breakthrough we had dreamed of. With the launch of the eMirror system we are already living it, and this is only the beginning of our new technological era. We will continue to focus on innovative products with the purpose of bringing vast benefits to our customers and continuing to ensure safety on the road.

We are celebrating 80 years of presence in the sector, with a professional and committed team, sharing our heart with solidarity actions that fill us with emotion and with an unbridled evolutionary trend. We are a family made up of employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators that grows stronger and more extraordinary every day. Thank you!

We are happy to be able to celebrate this anniversary with you and we look forward to celebrating many more!

Raül Colom, CEO Arcol