With innovation as a basis and safety and design as ultimate goal, our team of specialized technicians work continuously to launch exclusive and customized products.


With our qualifi ed staff, we can produce for different markets such as Coach, Bus, Train... adapting us to the needs of production on a large scale so as for exclusive products thus achieving fl exibility in all areas.

R & D

From our experience, we settle in the future thanks to the constant work of our best technicians and engineers. We make ideas and projects came real with our 3D designs and prototypes.


Design, innovation, implementation of new technologies... None of this would be possible without the strict quality control both in our laboratory as at the end of the production. In addition to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001 certifications.


Customer Care Team works to meet the expectations of our customers and keep their trust in ARCOL.
We do support our customers from the fi rst steps of design and product creation, through production and quality control to the After Sales Service, offering again technical assistance.


Dans cette nouvelle division, nous injectons et transformons des matières plastiques pour obtenir des pièces complètement finies et prêtes à assemblér à nos produits.
C'est ainsi que nous pouvons augmenter l'efficacité dans le processus de production et avoir un meilleur contrôle la fabrication


New Folding Arm System

Arcol I+D

ARCOL Bus & Coach Accessories