• BSD Blind Spot Detection (old)
  • BSD Blind Spot Detection Sensor (old)
  • BSD Blind Spot Detection (old)

Blind Spot Detection

Cuando hay un obstáculo situado en la zona ciega de visión, y es detectado por los sensores, las luces de aviso, el indicador de dirección correcto y el altavoz interno alertarán al conductor.

Industries: Mini Bus,Motor Home




The system is activated when the ignition is on. When there is an obstacle located in the blind area of the vehicle and is detected by the sensors, the warning lights and display’s LEDs will be lit. If the driver turns on the corresponding turning ligth, the buzzer will warn him by a “BIP” warning sound and the warning light will flash.


The driver is alerted about the presence of any obstacle in the blind spot area through:
DISPLAY / SCREEN: Small screen installed in the dashboard that gives the following information:

  • Distance from the vehicle to the object (person, other vehicle, etc.). Any distance below 3,0m will be alerted to the driver.
  • Direction: There is an arrow in the display indicating if the object is in the right or left hand of the vehicle.
  • Acoustic: Acoustic Alert “BIP BIP”

Blind Spot Detection




There are 2 LEDs (one for the Right-Hand and other in the Left-Hand) which can be placed in the dashboard or the exterior mirrors according to the requirements of the customer. The LEDs will start flashing when detecting any object in the blind spot area.